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Pearland Drain Cleaning Services

Over time, drains for sinks and tubs clog due to everyday use.  With regular maintenance, you can keep your drains unclogged but sometimes they are so clogged that even chemical drain cleaners can’t seem to get them cleared.  The professional plumbers at Affordable Quality Plumbing can your your drains cleaned and working perfectly every time.  Don’t wait until you get further damage from overflows or busted pipes.  For badly clogged drains, it’s a good idea to let a professional plumber get the job done right the first time.

Tips for keeping drains from clogging up

With proper maintenance, you can keep your drains free from clogs.  Most of the time, a clogged drain is caused from normal, everyday debris getting into the drain.  For showers and bath tubs, this is mainly hair and soap residue buildup.  For kitchen sinks, it food and grease.  Here are some quick tips and good practices that can help keep drains open and clear:

  • Do not throw hot grease into kitchen sinks.  Grease will congeal and eventually cause badly clogged drains that even chemical drian cleaner may not be able to get through.
  • Avoid flushing paper towels, baby wipes and other materials that do not break down easily in water.  Over time, they will clog up your drains and sewer lines.
  • Keep strainers and stops in place while brushing your hair.  If you can consistently keep most of your hair out of the drains, you will not have to deal with a clogged drain line.
  • Routinely pour hot water down your drains to loosen and flush out grease and other debris before they cause bad clogs.

New chemical drain cleaners do wonders at removing a slow drain clog but for the major ones where water is backing up into the sink, tub, shower or toilet, you may want to get a professional, licensed plumber to clean your drains properly so that they do not get clogged over and over again.  Contact Affordable Quality Plumbing for all your drain cleaning needs!

Pearland Drain Cleaning Services

Residential & Commercial Services

Our licensed plumbers specialize in residential and commercial plumbing systems.  So no matter if you are a homeowner or business owner, we can quickly and professionally resolve your plumbing emergency.  Please indicate if we are going to a home or business when you contact us so that we can send the proper personnel to fix your problems fast!

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